Using the TPG To Go App and TPG Maximizer to Boost Rewards

Jul 14, 2015

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I was thrilled last year to introduce both the TPG Maximizer and TPG To Go App, and our team has heard a lot of positive feedback from readers as to how these tools helped them earn rewards more efficiently. Today, TPG Senior Points & Miles Correspondent Jason Steele looks at what these apps have to offer, as well as what’s in store down the line.

Keeping track of your rewards credit cards, bonuses and spending can sometimes feel overwhelming. Fortunately, in addition to all the travel and rewards advice you’ll find here, TPG also offers two online and mobile tools that can help you organize and maximize your credit card rewards.

In this post, I want to take a closer look at both the TPG Maximizer and the TPG To Go app, which work together to help you improve your strategy for earning points and miles.

The TPG Maximizer can help make sure you have the best combination of cards in your wallet!
The TPG Maximizer can help make sure you have the best combination of cards in your wallet.

Getting to Know the TPG Maximizer and TPG To Go app

We released the TPG Maximizer web app in February of 2014, and followed it with the TPG To Go mobile app (for both Apple and Android devices) last October. The two apps have different features, but are both linked to the same account information. This means you can easily enter data on just one platform to power them both.

The TPG Maximizer is designed to boost your rewards by analyzing your spending patterns and existing accounts to determine which rewards credit cards would benefit you most. The web app includes the following features:

  • My Wallet helps you quickly enter the details of your current accounts by selecting from a database of over 2,700 credit card profiles. Even if you have one of the more obscure cards offered, chances are that the TPG Maximizer will know all about its rewards structure, benefits, rates and fees.
  • Recommendations helps you sort through available credit card offers by offering you customized suggestions based on a short quiz about subjects such as your credit score and travel patterns. The quiz is adaptive, so you only get questions that are relevant to you. If you choose to link your existing credit card account information, then it will analyze your spending to provide you with four customized credit card recommendations based on your data.

Once you’ve created an account through the Maximizer, you can then install and log in to the TPG To Go mobile app (you can also start with the mobile app, but I find it much easier to enter my info using a keyboard). You’ll then be able to access the following features:

  • Pay With This! This feature looks at businesses near your location and recommends which credit card to use based on your existing accounts. If you’re headed into a museum, for example, the app might instruct you to use a card that offers bonus points for entertainment purchases (assuming you have such a card in your portfolio). Best of all, this function uses TPG’s latest valuations to make sure you’re earning the most valuable rewards possible.
  • My Wallet again helps you enter and link your cards like you do with the Maximizer. In addition, it will show you the rewards you’ve earned previously, the amounts you owe and your total credit limit. It also charts your spending by category with each card. This feature even allows you to configure options such as bonus offers (like banking relationship bonuses).
  • TPG Hot Deals shows you the best current credit card offers, which are curated by TPG staff.
  • TPG Now provides a gateway to TPG web content displayed in the app.
  • TPG Tracker offers configurable alerts, including reminders for you to update information in the app, deal alerts from TPG, and notifications about your credit card statement closing and payment due dates. In addition, you can subscribe to TPG To Go Pro for $3.99 per year — that gives you access to the Bonus Tracker, which helps you monitor your progress toward earning sign-up and other bonuses.
  • Where’s TPG? allows you to see exactly where TPG is at any given time, based on his social media posts. It also has a portal to connect with him via email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
  • Settings allows you to configure the general details of your account, but it also includes an advanced section that lets you customize point and mile values to reflect your own valuations. Just note that once you enable this feature and make a change, the value of that currency will no longer be updated automatically each month, so it won’t reflect any changes unless you remember to change it yourself. This is also the place to change your notification settings for alerts and other reminders.
Credit Cards under $100 line
Once you’ve set up your accounts, you’ll be able to quickly track rewards and get recommendations for which card to use.

Getting Started

I recommend first creating an account at the TPG Maximizer website. Once you do that, you’ll only need to spend a few minutes to enter your card information to the My Wallet section and link your online accounts. After that, it will take even less time to fill out the short quiz in the Recommendations section. This is a quick and easy way to see how your travel rewards instincts match up with the customized results.

Next, install the TPG To Go mobile app, and log in using the same username and password you created for the TPG Maximizer web app. You’ll then be ready to utilize the Pay With This! feature when you’re out and about, configure the tools in the TPG Tracker, and play with all the other fun features like Where’s TPG?


With big corporate and government data breaches in the news almost every day, you can’t risk giving out your financial information to any app without solid assurances of its security. I recently spoke with Matthew Goldman, Co-Founder & CEO of Wallaby (the company that partnered with TPG to develop these apps). First, he assured me that the app uses bank-level security that is PCI-DSS Level 1 certified — PCI DSS is the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standards, and Level 1 is the highest rating, which is audited yearly with on-site reviews by a third-party assessor. In addition, these apps only have read-level access to your account information, much like other popular personal finance apps such as

Finally, Goldman contends that Wallaby has not suffered a security breach since its founding in 2011, and he’s proud of the Wallaby team’s dedication to offering top-notch support and responding promptly to comments and feedback (usually within one business day).

Ipad on airplane wifi featured shutterstock
Future versions of the TPG To Go app will be designed to work with tablets. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

The Future of These Apps

TPG is working on a next-generation app to be released sometime this fall with additional features for online shopping, custom credit card bonuses and more customized account tracking. The next version is also expected to include an updated user experience, additional support for larger phones, and Ipad support for the TPG To Go app.

Whether you’re new to credit card rewards and are looking for an easy way to manage all of your accounts, or you’re an advanced travel rewards enthusiast looking for more sophisticated features, the TPG Maximizer and the TPG To Go App can help you along the way.

We always appreciate feedback from new and existing users, so if there are improvements you’d like to see in the next iteration of these apps, please let us know in the comments below.

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