Saving Money with Discount Offers from American Express

Sep 7, 2015

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You can earn plenty of valuable points and miles simply by using a solid travel rewards credit card for everyday expenses, but some cards offer opportunities to save money as. Today, TPG Senior Points & Miles Contributor Nick Ewen explains how American Express cardholders can access a variety of discounts online.

If you’re reading this, I’m fairly certain that you enjoy collecting points and miles. However, there are many times when it may make sense to use a card that isn’t the obvious choice for boosting your loyalty program account balances. In this post, I want to go through the myriad of ways to take advantage of discounts with your personal or business American Express card.

There are three main methods for finding offers that can save you money using your Amex card:

  1. Online offers through your account
  2. Amex Offers on Twitter (often referred to as “Sync”)
  3. Amex Offers on Facebook

Each of these options requires a bit of legwork on your part, but I’ve seen discounts of up to 40%, so it can definitely be worthwhile. Here’s a detailed breakdown of each method:

Online Offers

The first way to earn discounts with your personal Amex is through your online account. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Select your card from the top of the page (note that most corporate cards are ineligible).
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the Amex Offers & Benefits section.
  4. Find an offer you like and click the Add to Card icon.
  5. Complete a qualifying transaction with the merchant, and the offer will automatically be applied to your account.

I took advantage of one of these offers last month. My wife and I were planning to go out to lunch on our way to run some errands, and I noticed that Carrabba’s was offering a discount on my Hilton Honors Card from American Express. I added the offer before we left, and it immediately appeared in the Added to Card section of my online account:

Amex online offer

The final bill came to $44.59, and I paid with my Hilton Amex. As soon as the card was swiped, I received an e-mail notification that I had successfully redeemed the offer:

Amex online offer confirmation

The offer now shows as Redeemed in my account, though according to the terms of the offer, the actual $10 statement credit may take up to 90 days from the expiration date of the discount (September 7th).

Would I normally use this card to pay for a meal at a restaurant? Probably not. The Hilton Amex does offer 5x Hilton HHonors points at restaurants, but TPG’s most recent valuations peg HHonors points at only 0.5 cents apiece, giving me a return of 2.5%. Had I used the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, I would earn 2 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar for a much healthier return of 4.2%. However, saving $10 on a purchase of ~$45 (roughly 22%) was easily worth forgoing those bonus points.

Here are some of the other offers I currently see in my account:

  • $10 off a $50+ purchase at
  • $15 off a $75+ purchase at American Eagle Outfitters
  • $25 off a $100+ purchase at Reebok (perfect for anyone in need of new CrossFit gear!)

It’s important to note that these offers are targeted, so you’ll likely see different ones in your own account. You’ll also notice that the offers vary from card to card. I also have the Platinum Delta SkyMiles Credit Card and see some unique offers on that one, like a 25% discount for a stay of two nights or longer at the Smyth Tribeca. However, if you do have the same offer on two (or more) different American Express cards, you’ll often be able to add the offer to both accounts and earn the discount on each one.

If you link your Twitter account to your eligible Amex, you can find unique discounts to a variety of merchants.
If you link your Twitter account to your eligible Amex, you can find unique discounts for a variety of merchants.

Amex Offers on Twitter

The next way to earn discounts with your personal American Express card involves Twitter, which allows you to add offers to your eligible Amex by tweeting offer-specific #hashtags (rather than logging in to your online account). Here’s how to set this up on your own Twitter account:

  1. Go to the homepage for Amex Offers on Twitter and click the Sign in with Twitter icon.
  2. Log in with your Twitter account details.
  3. Connect your card by logging in with your Amex ID (or card number if you haven’t set up an online account).
  4. Choose the card you want to connect.

The actual offers are available on the Favorites tab of the American Express Twitter account (@AmericanExpress). When you find one you like, simply send a tweet with the corresponding hashtag, and you’ll receive a response from @AmexOffers confirming your enrollment. Then, just use your enrolled card to make the purchase according to the terms of the offer.

I’m relatively inexperienced in the Twitterverse, but it only took me a few seconds to connect my Hilton Amex to my Twitter account. As soon as I finished linking my account, I received a tweet from @AmexOffers confirming my enrollment:

Twitter Amex Sync
I’m ready to start saving!

I then browsed the offers and found one I liked: $5 off a $25 purchase at Godiva (because who doesn’t need $25 worth of fine chocolate?). I sent the simplest tweet possible (#AmexGodiva), and within a few seconds received a response both on Twitter and via e-mail confirming that I was enrolled:

Amex Twitter offer enrollment

All I have to do now is spend at least $25 at Godiva in the next few days!

There are a few additional things to keep in mind for this method in particular:

  • You don’t need to actually follow a brand to take advantage of the offer (though it’s obviously encouraged).
  • You can tweet multiple hashtags in the same tweet and be enrolled in all of the offers; you should receive a separate confirmation for each one.
  • You can’t have your tweets protected (or else @AmexOffers won’t be able to see and respond to your tweet).

For complete information, check out the FAQ page.

Amex offers on Facebook can be a very lucrative program.
Amex offers on Facebook can be very lucrative.

Amex Offers with Facebook

The third method works similarly to the previous option, but operates on Facebook instead of Twitter (and is often referred to as “Link, Like, Love”). Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Go to the homepage for Amex Offers on Facebook and sign in to Facebook.
  2. Connect your card by logging in with your Amex ID (or card number if you haven’t set up an online account).
  3. Choose the card you want to connect.

Once you’ve connected your account, you can visit the page at any time to search through the offers, and you should also see a link on the left side of your Facebook homepage. From there, simply find an offer you want and click Add to Card. You can also search for “Amex Offers” from either or through the Facebook mobile app.

This is probably the easiest method, since it all happens within Facebook and doesn’t involve sending a tweet or liking a particular offer.

Again, for more information, check out the program’s FAQ page.

Other Important Details

With any of these discount programs, the devil is in the details. You should read the specific terms of the offer(s) you sign up for, but there are several general rules to keep in mind with these three methods:

1. There is some overlap. Even though each one appears to be its own option for adding discounts to a given card, there is some duplication among them. For example, I added an offer for Carter’s through; the one for Godiva through Twitter; and one for Reebok through Facebook. All of these now show up on my online account and Facebook:

Amex offers on Facebook

It appears that the online offers are the most extensive (I currently have 53 on my Hilton Amex) followed by Facebook (39 offers) and then Twitter (12 offers). However, some are unique to each method, so you’ll definitely want to check each one to make sure you don’t miss out.

2. Just about all American Express cards are eligible. This includes consumer cards, business cards from American Express OPEN, Serve and Bluebird cards. However, it does not include corporate and prepaid cards. I have a corporate American Express that also appears in my online account (alongside my Hilton and Delta Amex cards), but there are no discounts attached to it.

3. You can only enroll one card per unique Twitter and Facebook account. If you have multiple cards that you want to utilize, consider connecting one to Twitter and another to Facebook. However, you can utilize the online discounts for all of your applicable cards.

Bottom Line

Earning points and miles is one way to make the most of your everyday spending, but taking advantage of discounts like these can be even more lucrative. These methods require a bit of legwork on your part, but spending a few minutes to save a significant amount of money can be well worth it.

Have you taken advantage of these Amex discounts?

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